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Everything from Chemical Peels, Enzyme Peels, and more, some require a consultation first prior to treatment.


Buy a series of 5 and get the 6th for FREE on any treatment below.


Photo Rejuvenation (LED)

This unique treatment utilizes the amazing benefits of INTENSE PULSE LIGHT THERAPY TO RESTORE THE SKIN’S NATURAL CELLULAR ACTIVITY. The skin is repaired from within and the results are visible for all to see. LED promotes collagen production, increases oxygenation, & increases lymphatic drainage, which detoxifies the skin tissue.
Face, neck & de’collete’    $100.00
Hands & lower arms         $100.00

Dermal Exfoliation

This is a manual skin resurfacing that removes the top layer of dead skin cells.
30 minutes $65.00

Enzyme Peel

Resurface and reclaim younger looking skin with a series of effective peels. Great at erasing sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines, these treatments are also antioxidant rich to strengthen and firm. Best results are seen over a series of 4-6 weekly treatments. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and sun damaged skin.
25 minutes $60.00
60 minutes $75.00
(60 min. session includes hungarian facelift massage & enzyme peel)


Organic grains OR medical grade crystals exfoliate the skin & greatly reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, scars, rough skin & wrinkles. Treatments are applied through a series of monthly sessions with optimal results achieved in a series of 3 to 6 treatments. The body is encouraged to promote renewed tissue growth & the production of smoother, softer skin. Face, neck & decollete’
Face $100.00
Neck & Decollete‘ $130.00

Facial Peels
We offer a wide range of superficial peels which address a wide variety of skin types and conditions such as acne, dehydration, dryness, and hyper-pigmentation. PCA peels stimulate and tighten skin with little or no down time. Consultation and patch test are needed prior to treatment. Treatment time is 30 minutes each and prices vary. Please contact us for an appointment. All PCA Peels cost range from $100.00 – $140.00, plus $30.00 for the advanced preparation products.

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